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(no subject) [Dec. 4th, 2012|04:03 pm]
And then the recent one, that I actually quite like:

Have Death, Will Travel

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(no subject) [Dec. 4th, 2012|04:00 pm]

Back to fiction writing! It took me pretty much this long to figure out what my professor wanted from us, haha. It wasn't until I gave up that he liked what I wrote.

So here's this thing, since he never gives us prompts, not really.

Sometimes, Water Bottles

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(no subject) [Nov. 19th, 2012|12:12 am]

Title: Could Not Stop For Death
Author: dragons_muse
Artist: ko_no_yo
Pairings/characters: Tony/Loki, Tony/Pepper, implied Tony/Steve
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 11,039
Warnings: character death, suicidal ideation
Summary: Tony just wanted to retire. He was tired, ready to lay down his arms, but then an old enemy abducts him and leads him through a series of revelations that end somewhere unexpected.
Story link: Read or Download on AO3
Art link: Masterpost on LJ Tumblr

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(no subject) [Sep. 7th, 2012|12:17 am]
Fiction Writing

I figured since I'm taking the class, I might as well share some of the better creations with the internet. Watch out for various fandom references in these, by the way, because I cannot refrain.

Week 1: Two people in a room, describe their relationship.
In class reading: "Any Minute Mom Should Come Blasting Through the Door" by David Ordan.
Word count: 455

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(no subject) [Aug. 28th, 2012|09:52 pm]

Title: Something to Believe In
Artist: ko_no_yo
Pairings/characters: Merlin/Arthur with some others in the background
Rating: PG-13 overall, NC-17 for one chapter
Word Count: ~52k
Warnings: Mentions of alcoholism, drugs, suicide. Also, tropes. And newbie non-British writer.
Summary: Arthur is a secret agent who is dedicated to his job, but recent happenings in his life made him second guess the path he had been following. When Gaius sends him to a seemingly boring mission, he needs to employ the help of the mysterious and eccentric hacker Merlin. The two of them try to uncover an underground medicine conspiracy while struggling against the chemistry that pulls them together.
Author's notes: [insane rumbling at masterpost] I haven’t processed that I’ve actually finished this thing, neither that it ended up being twice the length I planned it to be. My thanks go to this entire community for kicking me when I needed kicking, the_muppet for their flawless organization, my Twitter friends for bearing with me and my boyfriend for his support. ko_no_yo has my eternal love for picking my story, being patient with me, giving me detailed feedback midway and creating a bunch of breathtaking illustrations for the story - those are the best thing that came out of this whole ordeal, honestly.
Artist's notes: Ahaha, she lies. The story is amazing, everyone go read it. I’m glad it’s finished for the world to see. On my side of the coin (haha, see what I did), I had a lot of trouble picking the scenes I wanted to draw because there were a lot of scenes that tie the whole story together. Also, as many of you know, time zones are a pain. I’m actually pretty happy with the way they turned out and I wish I could have done more. But alas, school and life and stuff. But why are you still reading this. Shoo go read.
Story link: Masterpost on LJ
Art link: Masterpost on LJ Tumblr
Disclaimer: If this is pulled from the internet it’s because Shine bought it for the Merlin reboot movies, but until then we only own the bloody sweat.

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(no subject) [Aug. 7th, 2012|10:24 pm]

Title: The Tangled Web
Artist: ko_no_yo
Pairings/characters: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Summary: Arts for paperlegends story by hms_seth
Artist's notes: I could complain about how I could have done ten times better but I won't. As a first big bang, I didn't really choose the easiest time for myself to participate. I am so glad I did it though, this is exciting stuff! I learned the usefulness of GoogleDocs and how to use LJ so not all's for naught. I think we spent more time discussing the Avengers and Supernatural than Merlin but what can you do. Looking forward to participating again next time. And to my next entry, of course. Gotta keep a consistent color theme this time...
Story link: Here
Disclaimer: All this stuff belongs to the BBC and I only took it to play.

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